The Munzee Skin Machine!

The Munzee Generic Token FAQ's
After purchasing one or more Generic Munzee Tokens you will use them like any other Munzee Barcode value in the Skin Machine. The Skin Machine will automatically translate the token into the correct Generic Munzee code.

Team Munzee does not allow us to give you the Generic URL directly. As with any Generic Munzee you can always do a test scan with the Munzee app to view the Generic URL.
You can print them as many times as you like using the Token. Just keep in mind that until they are deployed, anyone can use them. Keep them secure until you are ready to give one away or use it. After a Generic Munzee has been deployed it will be given a new URL, for example To reprint a Generic after it has been deployed you can use either the Token or the new URL assigned to you when you deployed it. They will work the same.
Place the Generic Munzee where the missing or destroyed Munzee was located. Don't deploy it. Go to the admin page of the missing Munzee and type in the last six digits of the Generic Munzee into the Link Generic area. This is *NOT* the Token value, but the value you will see if you test scan the Generic Munzee.

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